Greves Group is able to assist in the disturbed and contentious environment of your organization to resolve the matter of violent acts including physical assaults, threatening behaviour or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting.

According to our experience, most of the businesses suffer from economic loss when their employees are victims of workplace violence and the major costs included :

  •   Business interruption costs
  •   Loss of productivity
  •   Increase in Workers Compensation costs
  •   Increase in litigation costs
  •   Public relations costs

And simultaneously the costs associated with workplace violence has major disadvantages for the health of the workforce and the organization which is increased staff turnover, recruitment, and retention costs, increased staff absence from work, reduced efficiency and performance at work, reduced staff morale, reduced staff numbers, especially the loss of experienced staff, higher risk of violent incidents and ultimately falling reputation for the organization.

We have been doing the investigation and prevention of violence in workplace. We work with our clients to prevent violent workplace incidents by identifying physical and organizational risks, identifying potential offenders, developing written policies for workplace conduct and incident response and implementing preventive training for management and employees. We will assist you according to your requirement.