Before entering in a substantial business contract or any financial relationships one requires a due diligence investigation. The prospective partner’s abilities, reputation and financial.

Swan Detective Agency incorporates a unique blend to investigate a complete picture of the target company to avoid costly mistakes for our client. A complete profile of the company based on a wide range of information will submit to our client to generate critical deal. The main purpose of our due diligence investigation includes an extensive report and evaluation of the business practices, regulation and legal standard of the target company so that our client will enable to make crucial business judgment and successful investment. Our detectives carry out checks through different covert methods and submit a comprehensive report on the target company.

Our due diligence services include :

  •   Investigating the links, associations and activities.
  •   Overall reputation and background.
  •   Business associates and networks.
  •   Overcome any bias that can arise on the time agreement or judgement.
  •   Financial profile and analysis.
  •    Any specific requirement of the client. .