Missing person has several aspects which we need to fulfill as soon as possible but the investigation starts from accessories which include electronic and non electronic devices of missing person. We are private agency which makes the missing person cases easier. Missing Person has been categorized within two groups one who leave their home in love affairs and second from the corporate related cases. Our first step is to collect the evidence from the site of missing which includes the phone surveillance related enquiry & then proceed case to case. Swan Detective Agency provides tracing debtor services which can help you get your money back from people that should pay your cash back but have disappeared or flatly denied to pay back the money. There are several scenarios which need our tracing debtor service and our extremely resourceful and skilled private investigators have had much accomplishment with regard to helping their consumers.

Using a combination of skills and talents, we are able to ascertain the true financial circumstances of your errant debtor. This information is then given to you in a detailed status report that will include our informed and independent opinion regarding their ability to repay the outstanding debt. Also, if an approach is to be made, any payment proposal that they may offer will be duly reported. We are also in a position to undertake worldwide status enquiries using overseas confidential contacts with the relevant knowledge and language skills.