Business Background Investigations and due diligence provide our clients with useful information about a business. You may be considering doing business with a company and want to ensure they are on the "up and up" with Business Background Investigations. You may want to learn more about a company before contacting them with an offer. You may be considering legal action, or may need to collect on a judgment.

Some of the key areas where investigations are focused:-

  •   Identity, status and location of a company
  •   Corporate Records
  •   Lawsuits and judgments
  •   Physical inspections of facilities and operations
  •   Financial profile and assets and analysis.
  •   Provide Competitive Intelligence
  •   Market Share and Health
  •   Details of Suppliers and Vendors
  •   Asset Tracing
  •   Corporate Theft and Fraud
  •   Corporate Pilferage
  •   Work Place Violence