At Swan Detective Agency we can handle insurance fraud investigations for clients throughout the Midwest including in major cities . We are a private detective company that uses only experienced and educated insurance fraud investigators. We utilize sub-contractors only when necessary and we will work with only the best insurance fraud investigators in an area. We stand by our ability to conduct a proper investigation, and we guarantee that each insurance fraud investigation that we conduct will be a thorough and complete investigation.

Insurance fraud is defined as an act committed by anyone who knowingly and intentionally defrauds an insurance company for personal gain. Insurance fraud investigations aim to protect companies against those who try to take advantage of insurance offerings by helping insurance companies discover fraudulent claims. During an insurance fraud investigation, a fraud investigator will work closely with an insurance company and legal staff to gather evidence and discover a fraudulent claim. Insurance fraud investigators will then testify during trials about their discoveries.

An insurance fraud investigator will begin an investigation by searching databases to obtain background information on claimants and witnesses. This information collected may include Social Security Numbers, aliases, driver’s license numbers, addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, and past claims histories.

Investigators may continue insurance fraud investigations by obtaining oral statements from witnesses and inspecting facilities. Finally, insurance fraud investigators often conduct surveillance work during which they will observe the claimant for days or even weeks. This is especially important for workers’ compensation claims where a private investigator will look for the subject performing any activities that are said to have been ruled out due to injury.

The main goal of insurance fraud investigations is to discover fraudulent claims or to reduce the overall amount paid out for a claim. Therefore, thorough insurance fraud investigations can end up saving insurance companies significant amounts of money.