There are plenty of reasons for tracing someone, such as an outstanding debt or you may need to have the individual served with Court papers but cannot find them at their old address. We are able to offer not only our highly effective investigative services, but can also co-ordinate them with any of your own efforts. We carry out detailed searches of records and registers and consult computer databases, as well as following up leads and conduct interviews.

We have a very high success rate in tracing individuals for our clients. Often we are contacted by clients who have tried other agencies but have not had any success. We can conduct trace work both on a national or an international scale and with surprisingly effective results. Our network of investigators is spread allover which enable us to conduct these investigations services in a relatively smaller time period and budget than anybody else.

  •   Individuals
  •   Properties
  •   Bank accounts
  •   Other Business Information

There are , of course, various other types of information that a client may require on any status of business or businessman. This could include a list of their business and/or private contacts and virtually any other aspect of their business and/or private lives.