It can often be useful to have intelligence information on a companies activities; Swan Detective AgencyPrivate Investigators can carry out a discreet corporate and business intelligence investigation into a company in order to uncover detailed information about its activities, customers, suppliers, decisions and plans, financial status, offshore connections, directors activities, shareholders, and more.

Making business decisions on false business intelligence or worse still the lack of business intelligence can seriously affect your companies position, and in worse cases its future survival. Accurate and complete business intelligence on the other hand can allow you to make informed decisions based on up to date information.

Swan Detective Agency has a reputation within the industry for it's successful business intelligence and investigation abilities. Our clients have benefited from the results of accurate investigations carried out with the utmost of discretion, and our capabilities are not limited by countries borders as we can complete successful investigations worldwide.

Our Corporate Intelligence personnel will discreetly work to gather relevant information to help companies stay ahead of competition, assess risks, make important decisions and protect their interests. Swan Detective AgencyPrivate Investigators specialise in the successful search and analysis of intelligence obtained from a combination of both public and confidential sources, providing you with the information to allow you to make an informed decision.

Our intelligence teams based within India are derived from a variety of sources including police intelligence, security personnel, forensic accountants, private investigators and other intelligence agents.

Providing a discreet insight into other company’s affairs could be beneficial to you or your company and may even make the difference between future success and failure. The following are some areas that we can assist you with; the list is not exhaustive however and we would invite you to discuss your specific requirements with our Private Investigators.

  •   Financial status and health
  •   Products and services development
  •   Present aims and critical decisions
  •   Competition and market share
  •   Detailed supplier information