Sometimes, it is possible in a person's life to take the decision of taking divorce. The reason could be either the Extra Marital Affair of the spouse or domestic incompatibility. For helping our clients with the best of matrimonial investigation services, Swan Detective Agency has established a solitary team of its highly skilled investigators for handling the divorce case investigations and evidences.

Unlike other investigations, Divorce investigations involves more care while verifying the factual details and hence, it is much more sensitive than other cases and hence, it requires to be conducted by trained professionals who have already solved and gathered evidences for divorce case investigations with flawlessness. Therefore, no other matrimonial detective agency than Swan Detective Agency can offer the most reliable evidences and solutions to its clients related with their divorce cases. Divorce investigations can become more emotional and sensitive when it involves the child custody issue. However, our team of experts analyses the entire investigation process with brilliance to ensure that the complete information is gathered with supportive evidence.

The steps followed by our detectives for performing the divorce investigation includes:

  •   Background substantiation
  •   Assets verification
  •   Child custody verification
  •   Other researches depending on the physical activities of the concerned person
  •   Tracing of the monetary transactions carried by the spouse
  •   Examining the expenses done by the concerned person, property transactions like selling or buying

At Swan Detective Agency detective agency for marriage, we also conduct background cross checking on the spouse to throw more light on their employment status, social status, complete earning and expenditure. All the divorce case investigation techniques performed by our trained detectives are done via latest technologies and equipments like surveillance cameras, GPS tracker, audio/video recorder etc to trace and track the complete details of the spouse with exactness. We offer relevant information to help you in solving your case and make it more substantiated to be used in lawsuit proceedings. We also help people in gathering the required evidences related with their spouses' employment status, financial condition and character verification that can be produced in the court for claiming their child custody.