We offer investigation solutions to business and non-commercial organisations to catch persons who have committed acts of thievery against their establishment. Our services allow enterprises to capture the criminals and recover their stolen property.

Cases of corporate theft are very common. Theft of physical stock and finished products happen more frequently in places where there is less vigilance due to a lesser number of guards thus allowing the miscreants to sneak away with goods more easily. In most instances, the items are never recovered as they are quickly passed on to other parties who sell them and transfer the cash to the thieves. Though one-off occurrences can be attributed to a lack of security or bad luck, regular cases of such events are a cause for concern and need proper investigation and follow-ups. In many cases, the loss of the goods go unnoticed as the crime happens with the collusion of inside parties who rewrite the accounts and stock books to remove any trace of any inconsistency in the numbers and the inventory.

Other instances of burglary are data theft cases in corporate offices. The perpetrators may get away with such larceny as the information stolen may go unnoticed. This is mostly because the item stolen is a copy of the original that already exists in the system. However, the presence of such data in hands of competitors is detrimental to the organisation. Confidential information or trade secrets that are out in the open will result in the business losing its edge in the market and may also result in the company having to close shop. Such reasons besides the most important one of theft being an illegal activity make it necessary for organisations to take active steps to catch the culprits and bring them to justice.

We provide various services to our clients for theft investigation and capturing the offenders. Our solutions are customised to suit the specific type of service's needs. Our detectives undertake surveillance of suspects including both insiders and outside parties and of their daily activities. They also interview people connected to the event to find more information. Besides these, they take up forensic examination, crime scene investigation, background checks, and recording and documentation. Our team comprises of experts in evidence gathering and recording. Their experience allows them to appreciate the sanctity of data for legal evidence. They ensure that all data collected is tamper-proof and cannot be dismissed from court on any technicality. We also liaison with police and security officials and keep them updated of the status of our investigation. We help them catch the culprits and recover stolen items.

Our detectives are experts in undertaking theft investigations. We have helped our corporate clients recover stolen goods and catch the criminals. We have a pan-India presence across all major cities and have associations with international detective agencies. Our network allows us to carry out research and shadowing across all major cities and countries and increase the chances of catching the perpetrators of the crime.