In a broad term business can't be compared to an individual. It has a tradition to mingle and associate with many others each day for commercial purpose. Some organizations are representing themselves what the business is not really all about.

Greves Group offers the service of corporate background investigation as a tool among many services to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities to maintain a business relationship with other corporations. When the companies are privately held or owned the tasks become very difficult. We have an established reputation of providing the highest quality business background investigation to client nationwide.

There are some factors mentioned below for the requirement of corporation background investigations :

  •    Socio economic status of the corporation for future partnership.
  •   Debt and credit history
  •   Criminal backgrounds and bank fraud check screening.
  •   Business license expiration dates.
  •   Legitimate cases in courts.
  •   Reliability and validity.
  •   Past links, associates and activities.
  •   Company records
  •   Name search of the company
  •   Full profile research
  •   Registrar of company (ROC) records
  •   Annual reports/returns
  •   Balance sheet(profit/loss)
  •   Vanishing companies records