Evidences and substantiated proof is the base of our Indian Penal Code and legal proceedings. For anyone who is in dispute with his/her spouse and fighting case in court for judgment requires evidences to prove their statement. It's true that our judiciary system can't reach on right conclusion for anyone if the case lacks proof and evidences enough to support either side of the case. Mastered in offering all types of matrimonial investigations with excellence, Swan Detective Agency detective agency also offers obtaining proof and evidences services to its clients to help them fight their legal proceedings with truth.

In the process of collecting evidences and proof for supporting the fact of our clients, our trained and experienced detectives deeply investigate the reputation, social status, identity, associations, affiliations, movements, conduct, and activities of the target person that includes the place of his/her employment, business operations, financial transactions, relatives, friends, and other important contacts. While adhering in compliance with the standards of matrimonial detective agencies of Delhi, India, we investigate for the evidences and proof with utmost carefulness to give our valuable clients the detailed report without alerting the target person.

The features of hiring our obtaining proof and evidences services comprises of the given points :

  •   We present the obtained proof and evidences in the form of video tapes, audio clippings, documents, and eye witnesses so that clients can use these effectively for winning their court battles.
  •   The team of detectives working at our head office in Delhi uses the most recently launched equipments and techniques for collecting the evidences against the target person.
  •   Our team is also trained in investigating disputed documentations such as suspected handwritings, anonymous letters, erasures, forgeries, alterations, interpolations, fingerprints, typed content, type of ink, and bank fraud documents that are essential for substantiating the collected proofs and facts.
  •   We also maintain a well equipped laboratory for verifying the evidences for their genuineness.

If you compare our matrimonial investigations services with the services of other detective agencies for marriage, you will know that we are committed towards offering our customers with the most affordable services while keeping in line with the standards and discretion. With our dedication and commitment, we continuously strive hard to investigate and offer the best possible substantiated fact and evidences to our clients in the promised timeframe without compromising with the authenticity of the collected proofs. Choose our services to get your cases solved within shortest time period.