An Insurance Claim Investigation can be undertaken by Private Investigators from our specialist personnel to investigate and provide important evidence on false insurance claims. Insurance claim fraud is an ever increasing problem being faced by insurance companies. Fraudulent and otherwise dishonest claims are an ever increasing problem for insurance companies. Although it is often quite clear that a fraudulent insurance claim has been presented, many are difficult to assess, and further evidence is generally needed before the insurance company is able to refuse a payout.

To prove that a fraudulent claim has been submitted, some hard evidence of lies, or deception must be available. It is not sufficient to reject a claim just because it appears to be suspicious, or conversely it is costly and inappropriate to pay for a claim that is dishonest or fraudulent. Hard evidence will be given and Private Investigators involved in the investigation will also be available as witnesses if required.

By undertaking a discreet but thorough insurance claim investigation, often involving a mixture of intelligence and surveillance work, evidence of the claimants true situation can be uncovered. Should the application be fraudulent or dishonest, then with sufficient evidence of the facts including a witness statement by our Private Investigators a false payout can be prevented and the application addressed in the appropriate manner.

We are able to provide solutions to many suspected insurance claims including but not limited to :

  •   Car accident and vehicle repair claims
  •   Car accident personal injury claims
  •   General personal injury claims
  •   Health and medical claims
  •   Disability and restricted ability claims

First and foremost our Private Investigations are targeted exactly at confirming the relevant status regarding the actual claim itself, and including the claimants statement. By taking this direct approach, we can tailor the results of the investigation exactly to your requirements without wasting valuable time and funds on unnecessary work. This approach will also ensure that all the relevant areas have been addressed and that the results of the investigation will be fair and accurate.

If you have a requirement to carry out a discreet investigation on a suspected fraudulent claim, then firstly one of our dedicated agents will discuss the case with you, take all necessary details and instructions, present and explain any possible options and finally carry out the investigation before supplying you with the evidence to validate or disprove the claim.