The undercover services are required by individuals or for corporate sector. Swan Detective Agency is being hired by the personal sector say individuals to check on friend, family, beloved, spouse and kids and corporate sectors are needing us for checking up their employees, competitors, running trade union etc and they also require us to stop theft, pilferages and reasons to get less productions.

For Personal sector, we are placing undercover agents as a driver, maid, servant and more and for corporate sectors, they are working as their employees and get the required information or details for them.

Alternatively, we can monitor their movements within your organization, place investigators under-cover to work along side them and subsequently, if required, befriend them and maintain surveillance upon them outside of your organization, to establish whom their employers are.

We also have counter intelligence capabilities. Electronic surveillance equipment is placed on the company's premises and is monitored either on site or remotely. This involves either an employee placing the equipment in the relevant manner or a third party entering your premises and placing the equipment themselves. Swan detectives have a range of electronic countermeasures to prevent meetings and telephone conversations being eavesdropped and computers being accessed without the authority of the user. We can also provide a security survey of your premises and suggest measures that will make electronic eavesdropping virtually impossible.