Swan Detective Agency are professionally trained to carry out financial investigations such as Hidden Asset Searches into individuals as well as their involvement in private companies they may own or have interests/shares in. A person’s obvious assets and apparent financial standing could lie in stark contrast to the underlying truth. There are a variety of reasons why one would choose to conceal one’s actual assets from scrutiny. An asset search discreetly carried out by our crack team of private investigators can reveal this information regarding both domestic and offshore hidden assets and accounts.

In determining a person’s real wealth & financial standing, our expert detectives reconnoitre a variety of assets and valuable interests such as :

  •    Property (both private and commercial) nationwide
  •   Offshore properties (API can investigate into most countries across the globe)
  •   Vehicles such as boats, cars, by surveillance or if recorded on search engines we have access to.
  •   Banking within Australia if a person has borrowed money to purchase property or a vehicle, the bank or institution may appear on search engines or credit
  •   Trusts & trust loans if recorded on search engines.
  •   Pensions & insurance
  •   Directorships
  •   Private company shares
  •   Overseas corporate interests
  •   reporting agencies(though we cannot access the account itself)