Employee Background Screening is one of the needs which have to be done before hiring a new employee in the company. Every day we hear out of theft, fraud, cheating etc in one or two companies, it’s because we are not careful and have conducted a proper check of an individual throughout

We as investigators provide critical information that protects your business and employees. Negligent hiring and help reduce chances of workplace violence, pilferages, disruption and other issues Criminal checks that help in identifying and previous conviction or criminal record of the candidate.

We conduct background checks that protect firms from

  •   Current and last Employment Checks
  •   Educational Documents Checks
  •   Address Verifications – Present or Permanent
  •   Police Records Check
  •   Court Records Checks
  •   Document Verifications

Who all should not be considered?

Any of the checks conducted with negative ranking and Wrongful disclosure of be the basis not to select a candidate .

Its been seen that one in every three resumes screened by Superior Detectives has at least 1 discrepancy. In a scenario where the pool of applicants is greater than available jobs, applicants can falsify, tweak and even go so far as to use another person’s identity to grab a job opportunity.

Bad hiring can result in aggravated financial and legal costs. The replacement cost of a bad hire can be five times the salary of the job in question. Superior Detectives is a world-class provider of secure, reliable and accurate Background Screening solutions. We have a client base of multi-national corporations and small and medium companies.

Our attention to detail, careful research and meticulous processes are among the best in the industry.