When you suddenly start noticing unusual behavior of your life partner as if he/she is hiding something from you, or has changes likes and dislikes, you might want to substantiate the situation to obtain the truth so that you could live a peaceful life with sanity. At Swan Detective Agency, we have hired a highly qualified and knowledgeable team of detectives, who have been trained both practically and theoretically to investigate extramarital affairs cases with improved efficiency. We use the most advanced technology and surveillance equipment for tracing and tracking every physical movement and activity of your spouse till we get the satisfactory information about his/her infidelity or innocence.

Maintaining our reputation as one of the most successful and trusted matrimonial detective agency in Delhi, India, the Swan Detective Agency team ensures complete privacy of its valuable customers while handling their investigation cases so that their identity remains intact under all circumstances. While targeting the suspected person, we understand the sensitivity of the case and hence, our techniques are meant to guarantee that the target person does not get any clue of what is going behind him/her.

If you ask the question, why to choose our services while there are numerous other detective agencies for investigations available in the internet, the simple answer is the accuracy and privacy that we offer while conducting our investigation services is incomparable because our detectives have in-depth knowledge of retrieving even the most confidential information from the suspected person with substantial proof like photographs, recorded videos and audios. It means the verified information obtained by our detectives is verified and cross-checked so that you can use the information confidently in your legal proceedings.

The steps taken by us while conducting the extra marital affairs investigation includes:

  •   Background substantiation of the suspected spouse
  •   Surveillance and recording of the suspected person's movement and activities
  •   Surveillance and tracing of the meetings and contacts of the suspected person

Operating at our head office of Delhi, Swan Detective Agency stood firmly over its commitment towards delivering the most affordable matrimonial investigation services to its clients while adhering with the standards. So, if you are looking for a marriage detective agency that can help you in finding about the infidelity of your partner, so that you could move on with a wise decision in your life ahead, you can choose us.