Swan Detective Agency is a name to reckon with for offering its clients, a myriad of investigation services. Sting operations are one such type of service rendered by the organization. It refers to the process of catching an individual red handed when he/she is undertaking any sort of criminal and illegal activity. Majority of the sting operations usually require the agent to pose as a confidant to the one who is engaged in criminal and suspicious activity. Apart from the agents, various high-tech gadgets, cameras, microphones and other paraphernalia is used in carrying out these sting operations successfully. These are the most advanced method of making investigations as these are complicated and complex planned games, which are executed successfully and professionally by us.

We at Swan Detective Agency have solutions for all your queries which demand the requirement of extensive sting operations. A Sting operation cannot be undertaken by normal people and thus requires the involvement of stringent team of professionals, who are well trained to offer these services, so that the main aim of catching the culprit red handed is obtained, without even putting the same thing into his/her notice. Swan Detective Agency, being the most trustworthy Private Detective Agency in Delhi, who help in providing the most resulted -oriented sting operations.