About us

We have a team of detectives who are well trained and experienced. Some of them who worked in intelligence agencies of the Govt. like IB& Armed forces are working in various capacities in our organization. The firm believes in ethics, honesty, hardworking and perseverance to ensure truth and real findings.

We carryout investigations strictly keeping in mind the subject, circumstances and the requirement of the customer. The most suitable and economical operations are carried out with the most modern equipment’s and gadgets.

Principle of need to know basis is strictly followed.

The CEO of the firm is Mr. Kunal Singh

Mr. Kunal Singh

A young down to earth person who started his career in a detective firm after graduation. As a child he always liked spy movies and stories. He wanted to be a part of national espionage agencies. This was not destined for him however his zeal for the secret work landed him in a Private Detective Company. He worked with a private detective company for 10 years. His dedication and investigating skills helped him solve many a blind cases. Having acquired tremendous on ground experience he quit the job and started his own venture Swan Detective Agency in the years 2008.

Col. V.K Yadav (Retd.) Advisor -

A brilliant ex-army officer who has an analytical mind tailor made for solving perplexing and troublesome cases. He had a brilliant record in academics; went on to study Persian interpreter ship and intelligence gathering in the Army. He is well versed with labor laws and uses his sharp skills and experience in cracking complex intelligence cases. He has 15 years’ experience in private detective work.