Mostly suspects in the field of wages and frauds can't catch by the corporation because of their superior quality of committing crime. We can use the term white-collar crime to define it. It committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation. The role of class has been highly contested, as the status of an offender may matter less than the harm done by someone in a trusted occupational position.

Greves Group main aim is to point out some of the in-depth facts about the frauds which are:

  •   consider how criminal victimization and harm have been conceptualized within white-collar and corporate crime.
  •   To explore research exposing the harms caused by major forms of white-collar and corporate crime.
  •   To consider issues of criminal justice policy in relation to these forms of victimization.
  •   To illustrate how victimization can be related to wider structural variables.
  •   To outline areas for further investigation and policy developme

Our Business Intelligence and Investigations team has conducted extensive investigations into wage, hour fraud and workforce misrepresentation. Our reviews are focused on detecting and preventing the use of various methodologies for perpetrating these types of employee and contract worker frauds including fictitious or counterfeit payroll ledgers, ghost employees, no-show jobs, underpayment on prevailing union wage, non-payment of benefits and other workplace scams. Our experts have successfully worked with corporate, multinationals, state and local government agencies to monitor companies or contractors who have been accused or convicted of wage fraudulent behaviour.